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Hi my name is Andrew Evans and I would like to introduce my company to you. Back in the late 1980’s I moved to Perth in West Australia where I learnt my trade as a Carpet Upholstery and Rug cleaning technician.

When I returned in the early 1990’s I formed a small company whose ethos was and still is, courtesy costs nothing. We are very proud of the lengths to which we will go to provide the best customer service experience possible, we are still going strong and have been providing both excellent value for money and great customer care since 1992.

Your carpets and upholstery are a big outlay both in cost terms and also in time and inconvenience when having to change them!

My grandparents used to say:

‘Spend a penny on prevention and save a pound on cure!’

The figures are different but the principle is the same by cleaning your carpets, rugs and soft furnishings, you will prolong their life and save yourself £100’s if not £1000’s of pounds.

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Email: andrew@omegaclean.co.uk


Average Rating: 4.8
5/5  ·  18th November 2018 by
Many thanks for providing a very efficient and marvellous service cleaning our carpets which was much appreciated.
5/5  ·  6th June 2017 by of CAMBRIDGE, St Ives
Very efficient and considerate
4.5/5  ·  23rd May 2017 by of CAMBRIDGE
Excellent fair service
5/5  ·  3rd March 2017 by of CAMBRIDGE, Little Eversden
Great - would recomend
5/5  ·  18th August 2016 by of CAMBRIDGE, Stapleford
Great service, reasonable price, very trustworthy
5/5  ·  1st August 2016 by of CAMBRIDGE
The service provided throughout the entire process from estimation to completionwas first class. I have no hesitation in recommending this Company.
4.5/5  ·  10th May 2016 by of CAMBRIDGE, Chesterton
We are extreemly happy with the professional way you cleaned our sofa's and carpet. Very polite and courteous & very thorough. A good experience for us, thank you, Andrrew.
5/5  ·  21st November 2015 by of CAMBRIDGE, Great Shelford
Very professional - but friendly
5/5  ·  15th October 2015 by of CAMBRIDGE, Stapleford
Friendly and professional Service - Thanks
5/5  ·  1st January 1970 by of CAMBRIDGE, Waterbeach
Fantastic service, highly recommended!!
5/5  ·  1st January 1970 by of CAMBRIDGE
Our Carpets have been particularly badly stained recently, Your patient diagnosis and observations reassured us of your expertise and we were happy with your suggested course of action. The process didn't take more than an hour but the results were astonishing. Also thank you for putting up with me changing the dates several times due to my work. Your adaptability and "service with a smile" attitude is greatly appreciated. I would happily recommend youand your cleaning services.
5/5  ·  1st January 1970 by of ELY, Soham
10 out of 10
4.5/5  ·  1st January 1970 by of CAMBRIDGE, Milton
Happy with result, will be recomending.
5/5  ·  1st January 1970 by of CAMBRIDGE
Very good
5/5  ·  1st January 1970 by of CAMBS., Impington
We are really pleased with the clean....Like having new carpets! Thanks very much for your care and follow up. Thanks Abby.
5/5  ·  1st January 1970 by of CAMBRIDGE, Mill Road
You are efficient and helpfuland did a great job.
4.5/5  ·  1st January 1970 by of CAMBRIDGE, Stapleford
Great service,reasonable price, very trustworthy
5/5  ·  1st January 1970 by of CAMBRIDGE, Waterbeach
Very Good, I would recommend to anyone.
5/5  ·  1st January 1970 by of CAMBRIDGE, Waterbeach

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