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3 reasons to choose our company

1:“You want and need to give a professional image”

The main reason people give for carpet cleaning is appearance, a poorly maintained or incorrectly maintained carpet will detract from your business and the attitude of people visiting and working within the building.

2: “Healthy, happy, clean environment”

Carpet is designed and is very good at trapping and hiding soil, it works like a filter which in turn needs to be cleaned and refreshed.
Imagine the carpet in your home environment, you take your shoes off and at most the walkthrough rate within your home environment can be calculated in the tens.
Commercial carpet on the other hand has people walking in from the street, treading all sorts of dangerous toxins in from outside on their shoes in to your working environment.
These Toxins and dust particles when disturbed by improper vacuuming or use of in appropriate vacuums, circulate in the air and are inhaled by your staff and or visitors.

3: “Asset management”

Planned carpet cleaning management ensures that you get the maximum value from your carpet.
When a carpet becomes so dirty that it needs restorative cleaning, more aggressive cleaning measures are often needed to bring it back to life. By planning the maintenance of your carpets you can avoid the use of more aggressive and damaging cleaning solutions.
Because soil acts like a sand paper wearing the fibres in the pile your carpet becomes worn quicker, sometimes as much as 10 years or more can be added to the life of a carpet which is carefully maintained.

Omega Clean has been

Specifically trained to ensure you get the most from your work place carpet and upholstery
From village hall through to restaurants and office carpets, we have and do carry out both planned maintenance and restorative cleaning.
We use the most up to date solutions and techniques to ensure you receive the very best care of your investment in carpet and upholstery.

What we can offer you:

1. Detailed on site survey.
2. A bespoke maintenance plan.
3. A detailed analysis of your needs and daily routine.
4. We will show you how to save money over the expected lifetime of your carpet.
5. In house training for your staff in dealing with spills and correct vacuuming.
6. Free emergency call outs.
7. All this delivered within your budget.

“By regular planned maintenance the useful life span of your carpet is greatly increased, this means over the lifetime of your carpet or upholstery we can save you thousands of pounds, negating the cost of replacement, just weigh up the cost of maintaining your carpet compared with replacing and all that entails, Tear up of old carpet, cleaning the floor before installation, installation not to mention the down time and preparation and re-installing computers etc”


Here is a before and after picture of  Cambridge Commercial Carpet Cleaning. 

Before and After Commercial Carpet Cleaning


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