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Cleaning leather furniture can be tricky. To ensure we offer the best leather cleaning and restoration service possible, we here at Omega Clean have invested in the best leather cleaning training & products available.

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Leather Cleaning

One of our highly trained leather cleaning and restoration technicians will visit to assess your leather cleaning needs.
He will inspect your leather furniture and using our identification system he will determine the type of leather, and the best cleaning practice.
During this process we will inform you of any damage to your leather sofa or chairs, and if the leather is damaged we can offer advice to you on how we can restore your furniture to its former glory.
Before we begin
Before we turn up to clean your leather sofas or chairs, you will receive a phone call to let you know we are on our way. Once at your property, our technician will again check your leather before commencing any cleaning.

Step1: Using our commercial grade vacuum, we will remove any dry soil and debris from the leather – including the base and crevices.

Step 2: We will pre-clean your leather sofa or chairs. This is another opportunity to inspect the leather for any damage, especially to the finish of the leather.

Step 3: Using a foaming bottle, we will apply the cleaning solution to the part of leather we are working on. We ensure an even spread of the cleaning foam making sure your leather gets the full treatment necessary to re-invigorate your leather furniture. Once we have covered the piece of leather with the cleaning foam, we gently agitate the solution working it into the grain and lifting soil into the foam.
We then remove the foam with a soft cloth, taking with it the dirt and debris which can break down your leather finish – eventually leading to ‘cracks’ and tears. Once the area is cleaned and all the cleaning solution removed, we dry it off with a hairdryer, leaving the once dirty, brittle dry leather clean, supple, and fresh – totally rehydrated and ready to use immediately.
Once the cleaning process is over, we will add a protector to the leather which helps keep it in top condition.

Step 4: After you have inspected your leather and are 100% happy with the results, we will pack up and be on our way.

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