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Professional Rug Cleaning Services

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Step One:  One of our technicians will visit you on site and discuss your requirements.

Step Two: After you have chosen your preferred level of service we will arrange to collect your rug or if you prefer we can offer an on-site service also.

Step Three: Your rug will go through our cleaning system.

Step Four:  We deliver your clean fresh rug either wrapped in polythene or natural whichever you choose.

Step Five: Our technician will unwrap and position your rug giving it a final groom.

The Rug Cleaning Process

First Inspection:

Before any work is carried out on your treasured rug, we carefully and thoroughly inspect it. This is to decide on the method suited to the condition and construction of the rug. We check for damage inflicted by children, moths, pets and poor maintenance also physically testing the fibres for weakness and to see if they are colourfast. The face is inspected as well as the back; this is where some damage may be visible and easily detected.

Dry soil removal:

An important step in any cleaning process is the removal of dry soil and grit. This will dull the rug and wear the fibres like sandpaper unless removed; this soil would turn to mud in the cleaning process. Removal is carried out by beater bar vacuum to the back of the rug.


The rug is spot cleaned and treated using only the mildest solutions made from natural ingredients. Rinsing is carried out to remove any spotting agents and broken down soil/stains. Our products are fully biodegradable and will leave no residues that will lead to premature re-soiling. The clean may be carried out using Dry Clean, Low Moisture, Extraction or Immersion methods, and dependant on the individual rugs needs.


Pile is reset with towels, sponges or soft bristle grooming brushes and is carried out by hand. This operation is also applied to fringes, if present.


Dependant on rug construction and type, drying is done with cool airflow / heated air or natural drying. This will ensure that no shrinkage or shape change takes place.

Final Inspection:

All rugs are thoroughly inspected on completion. We are prepared to put rugs through any stage of the process again if we feel the results can be improved upon. No rug is returned without this promise.

Call Omega Clean today on 01223 864335

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