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Carpet Cleaning St Ives

If you’re trying to find dependable cleaners in St Ives and thesurrounding areas, you’ve come to the ideal location.

We buy the most up to date training, environment-friendly items and cutting-edge cleansing equipment to guarantee you receive the very best possible carpet cleaning experience.

Our specialists are well trained and known for supplying the deepest most thorough carpet cleaning in Cambridge, Newmarket and Ely including the surrounding areas.

We have been providing carpet cleaning in St Ives & the surrounding districts for more than 10 years.

The extensive step by step carpet cleansing & restoration process we utilize will totally and completely eliminate dirt, and deeply ingrained soil from your carpets, leaving them clean and fresh and almost new.

My enthusiasm is carpet cleaning; I delight in every minute of it and have invested heavily in training and equipment.

All of this has been carried out with you the customer in mind. If you would like to know more about me or the history behind my journey please take a look at our About us page after reading the excellent bundles that we can offer for you.

We are a expert cleaning business, not a general cleansing company that buys a carpet cleaning machine but has no genuine interest in carpet cleaning.

They simply want you to spend your hard earned money. They will boast they utilize the very best technique of carpet cleaning due to the fact that they just have one tool in their tool box.

Hot water extraction is by far the most typical and best method for cleaning a wool carpet and also for a lot of synthetic carpets. If for instance, you try a hot water extraction carpet cleansing technique on a natural fiber such as Jute or Coir or seagrass then they can be easily harmed permanently.

This is why I have many systems at my disposal, so whatever carpet type you have I can clean it in the most reliable safe way. Ok so how do you go about getting the healthiest long lasting and deep down carpet cleansing in St Ives?

Well you have made a terrific start by clicking onto my website since not just can I offer this to you however I can guarantee my workmanship one hundred percent, with a cash back warranty.

If you’re searching for expert upholstery restoration in St Ives, Cambridge, Newmarket, Ely or North Essex, you came to the right place! Considering that being established in 2008, Omega Clean have been supplying upholstery cleaning for both domestic and business customers in the Newmarket, Cambridge & Ely locations.

Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning in St Ives

If the upholstery in your home or organisation is looking dull and worn out and you do not desire to invest a large amount of money into buying new furnishings, speak with Andrew at Omega Clean today to discover how we can bring your soft home furnishings back to life.

I must have invested literally thousands of pounds and I have actually attended scores of upholstery cleaning courses held by leading professionals in this field.

If you include to this the fact that I have passed examinations on couch cleaning both IRCRC, NCCA, together with local supplier run courses, I am likewise completely guaranteed plus I provide a guarantee of my workmanship then this all adds no threat upholstery cleaning.

Step 1

I will make an consultation with you prior to the day of cleaning. This visit will be for both of our benefit. We require to ascertain the fabric type so that we can choose an proper cleaning solution/method.

More significantly we will need to study your couch and chairs; we require to explain wear locations that will still show after we have left likewise we need to go over the history of any marks or spots on your upholstery along with the likely result of cleaning.

Step 2

We will get here on time on the day you schedule us to come and clean your couch. We will safeguard any wood flooring before we begin and quickly just go through the quote again with you. This is simply to clarify precisely what you desire.

Step 3

Now we are prepared to begin the cleaning process, so we remove all of the cushions from the couch or chair and thoroughly vacuum all of the material including the base.

Top Idea: Ask whoever you contact if they do this. A true professional will always vacuum a couch prior to commencing the cleaning option.

Step 4

We test the material to make certain there are no issues with our cleaning solution causing bleeding. This is where for instance you have a really dark colour beside a very light colour and the dark migrates into the light. When there is some red piping around a light coloured cushion, this is an essential step specifically.

Step 5

Application of an appropriate cleaning solution. We let this work away for a while about 5 to 10 minutes.

This next bit is not typical however some business like us do this next step.

Step Six

We use a micro fiber hand mitt and work the cleaning solution over the fabric. This serves 2 purposes, one it makes sure an even spread of the cleaning solution and the other is that it eliminates a layer of soiling. Currently your sofa will be much cleaner yet we haven’t even began to rinse it.

Step 7

We then start setting up the machinery. Our high powered truck installed cleaning sits inside of our van outside of your residential or commercial property. This machine is the ultimate extraction machine and is much more effective than the little portable machines that other business utilize.

The reason we use such a powerful maker is that we understand you desire your sofa to be cleaned up and dried as quickly as possible so that you can delight in the quality of your clean fresh, soft upholstery.

Step 8

Simply to re-cap, I have vacuumed your couch thoroughly eliminating the dry particulate, I have applied our pre-spray and rubbed this into the material. Whilst doing this we have eliminated another layer of soil and opened the fibres of the fabric so we can wash the remaining soiling out along with all the non-visible microscopic pathogens.

To do this we utilize an expert upholstery tool that is linked to our truck mounted powerful extraction maker that sits outside.

The specialist sofa cleaning up hand tool has an angled head which is at about thirty degrees, there is a slot at the top and a slot at the bottom of the face of the tool. It is connected by means of solution pipe and a vacuum hose pipe that lead in from the machine.

The benefit of this is that unlike lots of business who use right angled hand tools and soak the cushioning beneath, the fabric our system only moistens the material which greatly lowers drying times and stops possible issues such as mould, incredibly long drying times that can cause smell concerns or shrinkage.

Step 9

As soon as the sofa has been totally rinsed we will return over the material with a micro fiber mitt. This is done to get rid of any excess moisture that might still be on top of the fabric. This will also re set the pile often we will utilize a brush after the hand mitt.

Step 10

If needed we will set up a snail fan that will blow air throughout the fabric to help it dry quickly. Usually we leave it on up until we have actually completed clearing everything away.

Step 11

We will invite you to check our work and we will deal with any of your concerns there and after that.

Sometimes things only appear once totally dried so if after drying you have any concerns please call us again and we will come out and resolve these problems with you. Remember, we ensure our workmanship.

Step 12

We can if you desire, apply a protector to the fabric of your sofa. This will give you time to deal with the little accidents and spills that may happen.

We generally agree this at the quotation stage however if you choose it is something that you want added, simply ask the service technician (usually me, well constantly me). I bring protector on the van and as long as the material is still wet I can totally protect your couch.

Those are the twelve actions to the cleanest, healthiest, longest lasting upholstery cleaning on the planet.

If you wish to keep your upholstery looking its outright best and get a totally free clean after six months, plus free emergency situation call outs please ask me about our maintenance, peace of mind package.

I will schedule a consultation with you prior to the day of cleaning. We need to ascertain the fabric type so that we can pick a proper cleaning solution/method.

We will arrive on time on the day you schedule us to come and clean your couch. Once the couch has finally been completely washed we will go back over the material with a micro fiber mitt. This is done to get rid of any excess wetness that may still be on top of the fabric.

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