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Omega Clean Moth Killing Service in Cambridge.

Are Carpet Moths Destroying Your Valuable Carpets And Rugs?

Severe damage caused by carpet moth larvae


If you are noticing missing pile from your carpet or little paper like flakes around the edges of your room then you may well have a carpet moth issue.

At Omega Clean we have a solution to your problem that can keep them at bay by firstly thoroughly cleaning your carpets or rugs and then spraying them with a safe non-toxic (to anything other than Mr and Mrs Moth of course) treatment.

But before I explain how it all works let me tell you a little bit more about these wool munching menaces.

 So what’s eating your carpet?

The common clothes moth is more likely to be found eating your wool carpet than your wool clothes.

People often think they are two separate moths but the reality is that they are the same. As a carpet cleaning specialist this is the number one problem I have to deal with.

How can you tell?

A good indicator  that you may have an issue will be small white cacoons that will be evident on the surface of the carpet.

This is the middle stage in the cycle between larvae and adult moth. Another place to spot these is between the skirting boards and and the edges around your room.

How do they destroy your carpet?

Females lay eggs in batches of 30 up to 200 at a time, the eggs adhere to the fibres of the carpet via a gellatine like glue they also spin mat like webs that are evident underneath both fitted carpets and rugs, obviously they are easier to spot with rugs. The eggs then hatch between 4 and 10 days later.

Virtually invisable they begin to feed immediately and they continue to eat and develop from between 1 month and 2 years until they reach the pupal stage.

At this point they will spin a cacoon and spend another 10 to 50 days developing into Adults. By this time the damage has already been done.

The Adult Carpet moth

The adult moth has only one purpose once it emerges from the cacoon and that is basically to reproduce. Not all adults fly and many prefer scuttling across surfaces rather than flying. Adults live for an additional 15 to 30 days although males will die shortly after mating and females after laying their eggs.

The life cycle can be completed in one month when conditions are at there optimum,with temperatures of around 24 degrees and in relative humidity.

Low temperatures can slow the process  dramitically taking  several years  for the process to develop from egg to adult.

The advent of central heating and good insulation mean that the moth will happily carry on breeding all year round.

Larvae will hatch and develop in temperatures from 10 to 33 degrees celsious. The cycle from egg through to egg takes about 4 to 6 months with two generations a year.

So from just one female moth laying a single batch of eggs, could potentially mean that you may well have between 2700 to 120000 hungry moths eating your treasured floor covering.

 In  just Under 3 years!!!!

This is why the lavea is considered a serious pest and needs to be dealt with.

Read our 7 step Solution to solve your  carpet moth  problem!

Step One: I will visit to do a free inspection and to asses the situation.

Step Two: I will clean your carpets using an eco friendly cleaner that is very deadly to carpet moth and brush it deep into the pile of the carpet.

Step Three: I will then thoroughly rinse your carpet to suck out the eggs that have become attached to the carpet fiber.

Step Four: I will then proceed to spray the moth killer, which is safe to pets and people, onto the carpet and brush that in so the fibres get an even application.

Step Five: The moth killer has a residual effect that can last up to three months, so even when it has dried it is still effective and will kill the larvea and the eggs when they come into contact with it.

Step Six: I will work out a schedule to return every 3 months to treat the carpets, We will repeat this until we see no evidence of the carpet moth.

Step Seven: After a year we will return to re clean your carpet or rugs and providing the moths aren’t re- appearing at this point we will come during the hieght of their season which is May and October.

Special Offer!

Get the initial Moth treatment free of charge, you will only pay for the carpet cleaning I will spray the Moth killer totally Free then I will work you out a price for three further treatments plus a reclean after 12 months which will enable you to keep on top of the problem.

Unfortunately I cannot guarantee you will never have another carpet munching monster eating its way through your wool carpet I can say with confidence that coupled with good housekeeping and vacuuming they should be a nightmare from the past.

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