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Thank you for visiting our carpet cleaning website, my name is Andrew and I own and operate Omega Clean carpet and upholstery cleaning specialists.

My aim is to make my carpet and upholstery cleaning service the number one name for people looking to have their carpet and other soft furnishings cleaned in and around Cambridge.

First of all though I want to help you make a considered and educated choice when choosing a carpet cleaning company in Cambridge.

Lastly before I can offer you any more advice on choosing a carpet cleaning service, please remember not all carpet cleaning is the same and we are proud to offer the cleanest, healthiest longest lasting carpet cleaning in Cambridge and the surrounding area.

If you are not happy with our service we will refund you if we cannot satisfy your cleaning needs.

I personally guarantee all of our work 100%

By the time you have read the best way to choose a carpet cleaning service in Cambridge, you will realise that not all carpet cleaning is the same and not all companies offer the high level of service and guarantee that we do at Omega Clean.

Thank you; please continue reading to discover what you need to do before choosing a carpet cleaning service.

So you have decided to get your carpets cleaned but you’re not sure who to call? It can be very daunting to find and employ a genuine company, after all how can you tell? Hopefully this article will help you.

Firstly why do you want your carpet cleaned?

Most people clean for one of three reasons.

1: People have their carpets cleaned for health and maintenance reasons. Carpets act like filters and all filters need to be cleaned out at some point.

2: People have them cleaned after an emergency or after an event such as decorating or before an event like a party or something similar.

3: Appearance this can encompass the above reasons, but it is important to maintain the appearance of the carpet, a clean carpet can really lift and lighten the whole feel of a room.

Remember when a carpet looks dirty that is when the fibres start to wear and the carpet becomes damaged.

Whatever your reason to have your carpet cleaned it is really important to employ a properly qualified and certificated company that is fully insured and offering a guarantee of either re – cleaning or re-funding if you are unhappy with the results.

The reason I write this is not just because I happen to own a reputable carpet cleaning business that ticks all the boxes.


There are some companies that will either take advantage by using a bait and switch tactic where they will offer one price then add in things like pre spray or use of vacuums etc.

The other type of con, which usually goes hand in hand with the above, is poorly trained, if trained at all, technicians using non-professional equipment that simply do not clean your carpet or even worse.

Someone turns up with equipment they do not know how to use, soak the carpet then leave you with a soggy mess that stays wet for days and causes more damage and leaves the carpet in a worse condition than when they started.

As a guide you should look for value for money rather than cheapness of price, there are some companies that offer a very good value for money service and do a great job; we try to aim for this at Omega Clean. (www.omegaclean.co.uk)

The question you need to ask is “What is your process,” it should sound something like we have a 5 steps process the minimum should include at least the following steps.

1. Vacuum,
2. Pre spray,
3. Agitate
4. Rinse
5. Then finally re-set the pile.

Most professional companies will often offer 6 to 10 steps.

Obviously, the best recommendation for the perfect carpet-cleaning firm would be satisfied neighbours and friends along with past clients. “Social testimonials” are a big thing, google reviews and other online recommendations are a good indicator. But they are by no means fool proof.

Unscrupulous Carpet cleaning companies will leave each other reviews, also friends and family will also leave fake reviews. A way to combat this is to ask them if they have any paper testimonials where you can see what has been written and by whom.

If you still can’t find a suitable company or you are still unsure then the other option is to use an independent governing body that will be able to find you a genuine company.

There are two main independent organisations in the UK you could try for a good carpet cleaner, firstly the National Carpet Cleaners Association (www.ncca.co.uk) and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (www.iicrc.co.uk).

Neither of these can guarantee you a great cleaner, although you should be able to find a local carpet cleaner that has been trained and if current members they will be fully insured.

With both of these organisations we’d still recommend you ask the right questions to find your Perfect Cleaner…

1. Find your ‘three nearest” companies. Call them up and talk with them to check how professional they are over the phone. You may find some cleaners will be on voicemail; these are OK, but see how long they take to reply to your call.

2. State you are “looking for a professional carpet cleaning company, who can provide you with a fully inclusive quotation, and written guarantee for their work.” If this causes a few problems then end the call now. A professional should be able to give you a written quote.

3. Ask what trade bodies are they AND their staff current members of … any other than those above is a bonus, but they are the only trade bodies for carpet cleaning.

4. Ask a lot of questions about the potential cleaner and their training and what certification/s they have. You wouldn’t want a non-trained cleaner in your home – would you?

5. Ask ‘What method of carpet cleaning do you recommend?’ Hot water extraction is the most preferred system in the UK and recommended by the two main organisations above. Dry systems are OK, but regarded as maintenance systems not deep cleaning systems.

6. Ask ‘What would you do if I was not satisfied with the clean’. We would assume they’d offer a FREE re-clean, and if you’re still unhappy your money back.

7. Ask ‘do you offer an in-home quotation prior to cleaning?’ So you can judge how candid your estimator is when he arrives on site. This can be a good clue concerning their integrity. 

When the cleaner arrives at your home ask him questions about his service, and what his procedures are.

Also ask what will happen to each stain. Make sure you get a fully inclusive quote. The only extra you should pay for is the optional anti-stain protector.

Hopefully, this article will benefit you in your choice of the cleaning firm you eventually use in your home.

If you would like any further information I am always happy to help.

Andrew the carpet cleaner

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