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If you’re looking for reliable and trusted cleaners in Cambridge, Newmarket, Ely and surrounding areas… you’ve come to the right place.
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Carpet Cleaning

We provide a first rate carpet cleaning service

We invest in the most up to date training, eco-friendly products and state of the art cleaning equipment to ensure you receive the best possible carpet cleaning experience. Our technicians are well trained and known for providing the deepest most thorough carpet cleaning in Cambridge, Newmarket and Ely including the surrounding areas.

Why choose Omega Clean as your carpet cleaners?

We’ve been providing carpet cleaning in Cambridge, Newmarket, Ely, North Essex & surrounding areas for more than 10 years. The extensive step by step carpet cleaning & restoration process we use will completely and thoroughly remove dirt, and deeply embedded soil from your carpets, leaving them fresh and clean, and looking nearly new.

Thank you for visiting our carpet cleaning page, please read through this page and if you have any questions at all please call Andrew on 01223 864335 and I will be happy to go through everything with you.

My passion is carpet cleaning; I enjoy every moment of it and have invested heavily in training and equipment.

All of this has been done with you the customer in mind if you would like to know more about me or the history behind my journey please take a look at our about us page after reading the great packages that we can offer you.

Before I go into detail about each package I would just like to share this with you:

We are a specialist cleaning company, not a general or commercial cleaning company that buys a machine but has no real interest in carpet cleaning.

They just want you to spend your hard earned money, they will boast they use the best method of carpet cleaning because they only have one tool in their tool box.

For example hot water extraction is by far the most common and best method for cleaning a wool carpet and also for most synthetic carpets.

But if you use a hot water extraction carpet cleaning method on a natural fibre such as Jute or Coir or seagrass then they can be very easily damaged permanently.

This is why I have many systems at my disposal, so whatever carpet type you have I can clean it in the most effective safe way.

Ok so how do you go about getting the healthiest longest lasting and deepest carpet cleaning in Cambridge?

Well you have made a great start by clicking onto my web site because not only can I offer this to you but I can guarantee my workmanship one hundred percent, with a money back guarantee.

I have outlined the steps below for you, but please call me if you need anything explaining or clarifying, just because carpet cleaning is my passion, I can get very Nerdy about it, I know you are looking for a professional value for money carpet cleaning service and that is exactly what I am offering.

Please read on or call Andrew on 01223 864335

10 steps to Risk Free Carpet Cleaning from Omega Clean.

Step One:
Just pick up the telephone or contact me via email through my contact page it will be great to hear from you and we can discuss your carpet cleaning needs.

If then, you would like to arrange a free survey we can organise this or even if you want me to come and clean without having a survey first then we can arrange that too.

Whichever option you choose we will always walk through the room and discuss any problems or stains that are of concern to you and agree a price before we start work.

Step Two:

After measuring all the carpeted areas that you want cleaning we will go through our various packages with you these have been specially designed to offer you a service that meets your needs perfectly.

These are:

Clean Only:
This is our first level of carpet cleaning, but do not be mistaken it is not a basic clean it is a thorough deep clean which now includes a disinfectant application free of charge.

Step one: Due to the pandemic, I will call you around twenty minutes before I arrive, at this time I will let you know my estimated time of arrival and ask if anyone in your household is suffering from any symptoms and likewise if myself or any of my household have any I will call you and cancel or re schedule your cleaning.

Step two: Everything being well, we will turn up wearing gloves and overshoes. Upon entering your house I will ask you to show me the areas to be cleaned and then ask you to isolate yourselves into a room or if the weather is good perhaps your garden.
I will then disinfect your carpet before cleaning; whilst it is drying I will return to the van and disinfect everything that needs to come inside.

Step three:

The first actual cleaning step is to vacuum the carpets using a commercial grade vacuum fitted with a hospital grade brush and HEPA filters and bags.

Step four:

Once the carpet has been thoroughly vacuumed, we will treat spots and stains with appropriate solutions to start breaking them down and lifting them from the carpet. After which the cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet.

Step five:

After the carpet has been fully pre-treated the solution is brushed into the carpet this ensures an even spread across the surface and deep into the pile.

Step six:

Outside of your house sat in our sign written Omega Clean van is our Truck mounted cleaning machine. In reality the cleaning has been carried out in the above steps. What this machine does is to flush out the remaining twenty percent of soil plus all the harmful pathogens and dust mites that settle at the base of your carpet.

Unlike a portable that draws its power from a tiny thirteen amp plug, the truck mount is driven by powerful petrol driven engine which enables it to rinse at a higher pressure and suck more dirt out of your carpet.

The solution hose carries the rinse to the carpet cleaning wand and the powerful vacuum sucks it back out and carries back to the van where it is stored in a dirty water tank which is then taken away and disposed of properly.

The purpose of the rinse is to neutralise the cleaning solution, the ultimate goal is to return the carpet to a ph. neutral state and to remove any remaining cleaning solution plus all the nasty bacteria and pathogens along with the dust mites that hide at the base of the fibres without over wetting the carpet.

The benefit to you of a powerful Truck Mounted carpet clean as opposed to someone using a small portable extraction machine is that you get a deeper longer lasting clean along with quicker drying times.

Step seven:


I forgot the furniture well to be honest this is just a given. We will move all the furniture agreed during the survey before we clean and then replace the items again. Where needed we will put tabs under furniture just in case the feet mark the carpet.

Step eight: after the carpet has been deep cleaned and rinsed we will groom the fibres so that they are all reset to where they should be. This not only aids drying but leaves a uniform appearance once dried.

Step nine: The use of a dryer, sometimes this isn’t needed as our machine and process is so thorough and powerful that we leave the carpet sock dry, although the base will still be wet for two or three hours, the dryer helps speed things up by blowing air across the surface of your carpet.

Step ten:

Final inspection, after I have finished I will give you a pair of disposable shoes so that you can inspect the carpet and raise any concerns.

Pet package:

With this service you will get the entire above plus we will add a protective layer on top of the carpet plus a bottle of our own spot cleaner.

This has been especially designed for people that have pets, with this system we only use pet friendly solutions and provide a protector to help you keep on top of any accidents that may happen on the carpet.

Peace of mind package:

Imagine having clean soft carpets all year around. Along with this imagine a free carpet clean after six months along with free emergency call outs for those times where you have spills and the spotter hasn’t removed the spill.

Imagine all of that and all it will cost is a simple monthly payment spread over the year.

I should call this package the no brainer really, it is designed for people looking for total peace of mind for their carpet.

Remember all these packages are backed by my guarantee of satisfaction….. If I clean it I guarantee it.

Having got this far I hope you can see that not all carpet cleaning is the same and not all carpet cleaning companies are the same. I have a real passion for carpet cleaning and customer service this is why I have combined them both to create the best value for money carpet cleaning service in and around Cambridge.

If you would like to be contacted about our special offers please use our contact form and ask to be added to our mailing list. I will contact you when we post our special offers. It will only be up to 3 times a year.


So what’s the next step?

Well first of all, we can arrange to visit so that we can assess your carpet and determine the best cleaning method. We can then give you a free, no obligation quotation that will explain the different options available for you choose from.

To arrange your free quotation then call Andrew on 01223 864335 and we’ll get you booked in for a comprehensive survey and quotation.

Risk free carpet cleaning.



If you are not happy with any aspect of our work, we will re-clean the area for free, if you are still not satisfied, you can have your money back.

Nothing is more important to me than your complete and total satisfaction.


Remember Risk free carpet cleaning backed by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee.


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