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Hi my name is Andrew and welcome to my carpet and upholstery cleaning website.

Thank you for clicking on this page and allowing me to introduce both myself and my company to you.

We are a local established soft furnishing and floor-care company; we work for customers in the domestic and the commercial sectors.

Our domestic clients range from tenants looking for an end of tenancy carpet clean, along with home owners who are looking for great quality and value along with peace of mind and accountability.

Our commercial clients include farms and office blocks, property management companies, various colleges and University departments through to restaurants and shops and also for more specialist cleaning auction houses such as Cheffins.

One thing they all have in common is that we treat every customer and their property with the uppermost respect and care.

We are fully insured for risk treatment and fully insured for third party liability and public liability.

Added to this is our money back guarantee, so in essence we are offering you a no risk carpet and upholstery cleaning service.

We offer the best possible carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Cambridge and surrounding areas. We cover anywhere within an hour drive of Cambridge, this includes Cambridge villages, Ely, Newmarket and into North Essex.

My journey into carpet cleaning started some 31 years ago in Perth Western Australia.

I was brought up in a small village just outside Cambridge and by time I was twenty two my feet started to really itch.

I found myself on the West coast of Australia looking for work and to be honest feeling a bit sorry for myself and beginning to regret my decision to travel.

Then my luck changed when I answered and advert in the West Australian newspaper. “Carpet cleaner wanted, no experience an advantage” well that was ideal I fitted the criteria perfectly.

I spent a year living and working in Perth and loved it, as I flew home, my visa expired, I was missing it more than I could ever tell you. Cambridge drew me back in and to be honest I have never wanted to leave ever since, I feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country, so it was never a hardship to settle down with my wife and raise our family.

Perth itself became a fond but distant memory but I never forgot how great it was to clean peoples carpet and upholstery, I have this real desire to help people and I am a great carpet cleaner, even if I do say so myself (testimonials available). It seemed a natural progression to help people with their carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning issues and try to resolve them.

In 2007 I was working in another business which was also customer service focussed but I still missed carpet cleaning, “I know strange hey”.

I started a company called Floor star clean and offered carpet cleaning and floor care, people kept asking do you clean upholstery? Well I did and I do, but the name led people to think I was only offering a floor care service.

I decided that I would become the most skilled carpet cleaner in Cambridge, so I undertook professional training in all aspects of this trade attending rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning and floor restoration courses. I have spent many thousands of pounds on training courses and I have joined various trade bodies to show just how committed I am to my business and to you the customer.

Omega Clean are proud members of the National Carpet Cleaning Association, NCCA please find them here www.ncca.co.uk as a member we are proud to be part of a professional governing body that seeks to improve the levels of professionalism within our industry.

As a professional company I have undertaken to keep on training and regularly attend refresher courses on the various cleaning disciplines.

Alongside all of the training I have undertaken, I have regularly updated and improved my equipment.

At the end of every job I will always ask “are you happy?” this is because I really want you to be happy with the work I have carried out for you. The response I find the most challenging is whenever a customer flips the question and asks me “Are you Happy?”

The honest answer to that is “I am happy that I have done absolutely everything possible to get the best possible result in the safest way”

But I am never really satisfied, I have many testimonials, all genuine and some are quite glowing but I still think I wonder if I could improve this at all?

That is what drives me, I want to improve and move forwards with my carpet cleaning business, I have a genuine passion to provide the best possible service and to get the best results possible. This is why I will turn up at your door with a van full of equipment and a powerful cleaning unit bolted in. This unit provides the deepest possible clean and flushes the fabric or fibres really thoroughly.

It also has the power to suck out more of the dirt and water and it also cleans to a deeper level. This gives you the deepest clean possible whilst still having fast drying carpet cleaning.

My Mission is to provide the Healthiest cleanest longest lasting carpet and upholstery clean, not only in Cambridge but on the planet.
If I clean it… I guarantee it.

One last thing, as a Dad and an animal lover (dogs in particular) one thing was and is really important to me and is deeply embedded into everything we undertake.

We clean with as Eco friendly products as possible, we take health very seriously both yours your families and your pets along with our own.
You are in safe hands when you choose Omega Clean to look after your carpet and upholstery cleaning tasks.

I guarantee it.

Andrew Evans
Owner operator Omega Clean.


Andrew Evans


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